Bored Pile

Discover robust foundation solutions with bored piles by Foundation Alliance


Bored piles are circular cast in-situ reinforced concrete piles that can carry large loads, used as deep foundations, installed using a rotary boring rig.

Bored Piling Processes

  • Setting Up and Casing Installation – In the initial phase, the pile position will be set by surveyor, followed by the drilling of a pilot hole of 2 to 4m depth. The casing shall be installed to such depth to prevent collapse of any unstable soils and ingress of ground water.


  • Boring of Pile – The boring process employs auger and boring buckets, adapting to soil conditions ranging from soft to hard. In instances of very hard soils, heavy-duty boring buckets come into play, while core barrels are utilized to reach the design founding level when required. During the boring process, retaining fluid such as polymer will be introduced into the borehole to maintain the borehole stability.


  • Reinforcement – Post boring, pre-fabricated cages, tailored to specifications, are lowered into the completed bored hole. These steel cages are then carefully lifted and installed within the bored hole and to be lapped by U-bolts.


  • Concreting – To ensure a high-quality concrete pour, the tremie pipe method is employed to prevent the segregation of concrete. Before discharging any concrete, a quantity of vermiculite pellets shall be placed into the pipe. This method involves carefully placing workable concrete into the tremie pipe. As the concrete is poured, it displaces the slurry, which is then pumped out of the designated area.


  • Backfilling and Extraction of Casing – Upon completing the concreting phase, the pile’s blind bore is backfilled with suitable material. Concluding the process, the temporary casing will be extracted, marking the completion of the meticulous bored piling construction methodology by Foundation Alliance.

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